A fabric woven with tender care & dyed in the brilliant shades of natural adds elegance and magnificence to this world. … Naveed Nawaz Textile is a manufacturer of such fabulous; fabric that speak of unparalleled quality & unmatched comfort! Naveed Nawaz Textile specializes in producing high class fabric products made of superior quality materials & possesses state-of-the-art production facilities in made-ups and fabric for various consumer needs. The company makes use of the latest technology & equipment to make sure that each product is original in style and shows exquisite craftsmanship. Naveed Nawaz Textile is a company that believes in originality as foundation. The entrepreneurial spirit of the company assiduously seeks constant development, steady progress & outstanding performance. The name Naveed Nawaz Textile emerged on the horizon of Pakistan’s textile industry in 1996. A modest start with limited financial and other resources available, soon flourished to bear fruit owing to the determination and dedication of its workers. An honest approach in dealing, within the organization and with customers, vendors and related agencies, took the group a step ahead and is a vital factor contributing to its’ success today.

     Naveed Nawaz Textiles (PVT.) Ltd.
     P-58 Gole Cloth Kachehry Bazar Faisalabad.

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